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  Entrant Title Awards Image
  Karl Leck Saying Goodbye PSA Gold Medal (Best in Show)
  Beimeng Liu Daliang Mountains12 PSA Silver Medal (Best Human Interest)
  David Keel Demolishing the Fence PSA Bronze Medal (Best Storytelling)
  Sergey Areshev Female Wrestling Mid-Atlantic Chapter Gold Medal
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Amelie_2 DPS Gold Medal
  Nan Carder Surfer 3784 DPS Silver Medal
  Francis Dipietrapaul Man Falling DPS Silver Medal
  Keith Gillett What a Catch DPS Silver Medal
  Stephen Wong Tze Kim Dance and Songkran DPS Silver Medal
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Kid with Flies DPS Silver Medal
  Kwok Wai Hui First Place DPS Bronze Medal (Judges' Choice)
  David Keel Carriage Accident DPS Bronze Medal (Judges' Choice)
  Karl Markloff Rugby2 DPS Bronze Medal (Judges' Choice)
  Karl Leck Long Way to Go DPS Member Medal
  Sergey Areshev Flight DPS Honor Ribbon
  Lewis K. Y. Choi Chinese Vikings 2 DPS Honor Ribbon
  Jos Cuppens Pech DPS Honor Ribbon
  Kurt DeVoe Rear Exit DPS Honor Ribbon
  Kurt DeVoe Failed Hail Mary DPS Honor Ribbon
  Kwok Wai Hui Push You Away DPS Honor Ribbon
  George Hutchison After the Storm DPS Honor Ribbon
  Grace Lee The Spirit DPS Honor Ribbon
  Susan Liddle Surfer DPS Honor Ribbon
  Wolfgang Lin The God is on Fire DPS Honor Ribbon
  Henry NG Suicide Drop DPS Honor Ribbon
  Kieulan Nguyen Sewing Fishnet DPS Honor Ribbon
  Tom Savage Well Trained Horse DPS Honor Ribbon
  Tom Savage Upside Down over the Beam DPS Honor Ribbon
  Tom Savage Upside Down on Paint Horse DPS Honor Ribbon
  Lynn Thompson Rope That Steer DPS Honor Ribbon
  Lynn Thompson Ride the Fury DPS Honor Ribbon
  Xingzhi Yan The Old to DPS Honor Ribbon
Accepted entries
  Entrant Title Image
  John Chapman Glenn Electric Warrior
  John Chapman This is Steep
  Vicki Moritz Lending a Hand
  Joseph Tam Blowing in the Wind
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Amusing Run
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Dario_2
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Disabled Basketball_2
  Wolfgang Habringer Burning KTM
  Phillip Kwan Cock Chase 5
  Phillip Kwan Dog Sled 89
  Edward Liu Asking for help
  Danlei Ye The Nenets Campsite24
  Xinxin Chen Trolley
  Bob Chiu Life in India11
  Min Li suckle
  Min Li water
  Beimeng Liu Daliang Mountains38
  Jiangchuan Tong Cameraman in Distress
  Jiangchuan Tong Traditional
  Xiaomei Xu The Coming Snowstorm
  Xiaomei Xu The Decisive Moment
  Wei Ye Emergency Launch 5
  Huaming Zhao The Autumn Harvest Than Grain
  Huaming Zhao The Cages to Breed Fish
  David Keel Farewell My Love
  Jason Pemberton Ship painter
  Alan Wade Going Clear
  Alan Wade Jetski Stunt Rider
  Guy B. Samoyault Shingo En Action
  Guy B. Samoyault Sprint Six
  Wolfgang Kaeding Here We Go
  Karl Markloff Foto-Finish
  Karl Markloff Kampf um den Sieg
  Ekkehard Retelsdorf Player 7 Is Crying
  Ekkehard Retelsdorf Who Gets The Ball_3934
  Chun Yip Chau Disaster
  Lewis K. Y. Choi People Pride
  Lewis K. Y. Choi Too Wild 6
  Kwok Wai Hui Horse Fighting Game
  Kwok Wai Hui Power Dribble
  Yuet Yee Wong DUMP SITE
  Yuet Yee Wong HOLD ME
  Sanjoy Sengupta Chicken Fight at Barkha -7
  Hioe Hendro Still a Family
  Ka-Pak Kong Night When Fire Spit
  Chan Seng Tang Kid Rugby 49
  Chan Seng Tang Tackle 60
  Chan Seng Tang Tackle 72
  Kai Lon Tang Boxing Punches 19
  Chee Yong Brandon Lim Swallow Light
  Siew Thong Chu Bubbling
  soon seng leong Herder 175
  Stephen Wong Tze Kim Jump to World
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Flood in the City
  Elizabeth Passuello Rescue Helicopter Crew Training
  Sergey Areshev Flying over
  Sergey Areshev Hot Jazz
  Roy Smith Red Arrows Tornado
  Woodpecker Huang Hot Air Balloon Carnival B
  Hansa Tangmanpoowadol An Era of Plastic
  Hansa Tangmanpoowadol Go for It
  Mitch Adolph Bull Riding
  Shirl Airov-Bieling Universal Ride
  Jerry am Ende Follow the Corgi
  Margaret Boike Can We Go Home Now
  Nan Carder Bad Bulls 8540
  Walter R Centeno Over and under
  Kurt DeVoe Stiff Arm
  Francis Dipietrapaul Men-on-bench
  Francis Dipietrapaul Ouch!
  Gerald H Emmerich JR Female Flyer at Pipeline
  Gerald H Emmerich JR Tulsa 13 Drives
  Keith Gillett In My Way
  Keith Gillett Surprise Shot
  Edward Goldenberg Where There is a Will
  Robert Hunt Up ,up and Away
  George Hutchison Aerial Dance
  Andrew Katsampes Burlington_2017(6764)
  Andrew Katsampes Concordia_2018(2947)
  Andrew Katsampes Melrose_2018(3647)
  Andrew Katsampes Travis_Worra_2017(3769)
  Joseph Kubala Bull by the Horns
  Joseph Kubala Rounding the Last Barrel
  Barbara Kuebler Gathering Nesting Material
  Barbara Kuebler Ruth and Scrub Jay
  Thomas Lang Cowboy Roundup
  Dee Langevin Decorating the Tree
  Dee Langevin Hose Powered Engines
  Karl Leck Flying Tackle Men
  Karen Leonard Bulldog Rugger Tackle
  Martin "Marty" Malgieri Journey
  Robert McCaffrey Pouring the Tea
  Robert McCaffrey Stalking the Bear
  Henry NG Follow the Wave
  My Phuong Nguyen Number 37
  Donna Osborne Just Eight Seconds
  Susan Peter Father, Son Polar Plunge
  Susan Peter The Touch
  Trudy Runyan Bethpage Air Show
  Tom Savage Head First Off a Sliding Horse
  Joe Simeone Relaxing After a Hard Day's Work
  James D. Smith Man and Hat Flyin_9054
  Valentina Sokolskaya Easter Girl
  Chinh Tran Fire Truck
  Michael Tran Escape Tube Wave
  Michael Tran Rushing
  Yen Tran Flying
  Yen Tran Green-vans
  Gary Walter Lovers Kiss
  David Wilkins Kelly's Dig
  Cindy Wilson-Risko Shepard Command