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  Entrant Title Country Awards Image
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Cheerful Malaysia PSA Gold Medal (Best in Show)
  Subho Saha Innocent Laugh India PSA Silver Medal (Best Human Interest)
  Graeme Watson Bull by the Horns Australia PSA Bronze Medal (Best Storytelling)
  Miranda Siu WAITING FOR ANOTHER DAY Canada Mid-Atlantic Chapter Gold Medal
  Kurt DeVoe Blocked Punt United States DPS Gold Medal
  Mitch Adolph Cheer Split United States DPS Silver Medal
  Kwok Wai Hui Female Volleyball Hong Kong DPS Silver Medal
  Pamela Alexia Callista Javran Dhani Tribe and Technology Indonesia DPS Silver Medal
  Chan Seng Tang Boxing 36 Macao DPS Silver Medal
  Wei Ye Old People and Children in Panic China DPS Silver Medal
  Joe Hunt Close Call United States DPS Bronze Medal (Judges' Choice)
  Kai Lon Tang Break Through 11 Macao DPS Bronze Medal (Judges' Choice)
  Chan Seng Tang Fight for Rugby 5 Macao DPS Bronze Medal (Judges' Choice)
  David Osberg Rider Down United States DPS Member Medal
  Gerhard Boehm Sprint 2016 Germany DPS Honor Ribbon
  Randy Carr Holding Her Own United States DPS Honor Ribbon
  John Chapman Buffalo Chimney Australia DPS Honor Ribbon
  Siew Thong Chu Wayang Kulit Maker Malaysia DPS Honor Ribbon
  Gerald H Emmerich JR Nike Board Flying United States DPS Honor Ribbon
  Joe Hunt Riding High United States DPS Honor Ribbon
  Andrew Katsampes BC_2018(7340) United States DPS Honor Ribbon
  Edward Liu My vehicle Canada DPS Honor Ribbon
  Sau Fong Neo Am I Handsome Malaysia DPS Honor Ribbon
  Jason Pemberton Mullick Ghat Flower Market Kolkata New Zealand DPS Honor Ribbon
  Joseph Tam Uphill Battle Australia DPS Honor Ribbon
  Chea Chai Tan Childlike Malaysia DPS Honor Ribbon
  Lee Eng Tan Ali with Net Singapore DPS Honor Ribbon
  Chan Seng Tang Tackle 19 Macao DPS Honor Ribbon
  Kai Lon Tang Boxing Punches 12 Macao DPS Honor Ribbon
  Inge Vautrin Reflecting Back United States DPS Honor Ribbon
  David Wilkins Upended at Polo Match United States DPS Honor Ribbon
Accepted entries
  Entrant Title Image
  Leanne Alessi Brace for Impact
  John Chapman Barber Procul Harem
  Francis Kennedy The Leader Wears Yellow
  Grace Lee Dreamtime story telling 1
  Grace Lee Morning sailing
  Grace Lee The spirit
  Vicki Moritz Dog Love2
  Vicki Moritz Lost in Flowers
  Joseph Tam Sydney Ferrython
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Antonio_1
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Lentos Museum
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Max_1
  Jos Cuppens Met Drie Jetski
  Jos Cuppens Plezier
  Hok Kwan Danny Chan _DSC2087VS MORNING MIST
  Edward Liu Waiting for a phone call
  Miranda Siu GIVE ME FIVE
  Danlei Ye Travel on the Way 20
  Danlei Ye Western Sichuan7
  Danlei Ye Working in Bangladesh1
  Shuguang Chen Common Focus
  Shuguang Chen Fight with
  Haiyan Huang Akha Woman17
  Chen Lanfeng Tribe 29
  Lingling Liu Bullfight Scene
  Fengying Long Brewery5
  Fengying Long The African Children34
  Xiaomei Xu Good Boys
  Xiaomei Xu Waiting for My Meal
  Xiaomei Xu Washing Beside the River
  Wei Ye Children of Primitive Tribes
  Wei Ye Day 1 of School
  Guy Samoyault Fosbury Flop Challenge
  Guy Samoyault Lake Dal Reflects 2
  Chun Yip Chau Good Harvest
  Lewis K. Y. Choi Amazing Game 6
  Lewis K. Y. Choi No Mercy 2
  Kwok Wai Hui Ping Pong Serve
  Kwok Wai Hui Ping Pong Serve 2BW
  Wing Ho Kwan Catching a Calf
  Wing Ho Kwan Long Jump with Leg Prosthesis
  Wing Ho Kwan Wild Horse Riding
  Wolfgang Lin Airshow 2
  Wolfgang Lin Match Together
  Subho Saha Work of Firefighter
  Hioe Hendro Canadian Goose Protest Soho Nyc II
  Pamela Alexia Callista Javran Sistershood
  Genadi Brodsky After Baptism.
  Walter Gaberthuel The Winner
  Walter Gaberthuel Triple Group
  Chan Seng Tang Tackle 20
  Kai Lon Tang Advancing Power 10
  Kai Lon Tang Heavy Tackle 10
  Shih Huang Chu Life of Desert
  Shih Huang Chu Mysterious Desert
  Shih Huang Chu Nomads Life 1
  Shih Huang Chu Nomads Life 2
  Siew Thong Chu Respect
  Mak Hanmeng Charcoal Men
  HOOI LIAN KOH Do Vine Basket 3
  soon seng leong Artistic Work 566
  Guek Cheng Lim Boy and Elephant
  Guek Cheng Lim Turning
  Sau Fong Neo I Am Ok
  Kiah Hwa NG Bricks Mover II
  Kiah Hwa NG Ijtima Praying
  Chea Chai Tan Competition 1
  Chea Chai Tan Thaipusam Festival 10
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Oil Cans
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Train
  Jason Pemberton Dev Deepawali Candle Lighting
  Jason Pemberton Paso Del Muerto Mexico City
  Lajos Nagy Cleaning of Molds
  Lajos Nagy Iron Casting
  Lajos Nagy Removing the Shape
  Viktor Kanunnikov Coal Unloading 1
  Viktor Kanunnikov Stones Carriers 2
  Zee Kek HENG Galloping
  Lee Eng Tan Melasti Group Lakeside
  Wasiri Rasu Gajaman The jump
  Mikael Bengtsson Lestander Bullfight NR One
  Yating Yang cattle Farm
  Mitch Adolph Amish Schoolboys
  Mitch Adolph Blue Angel
  Mitch Adolph Bull "Riding"
  Jerry am Ende Rounding the Turn
  Jeanne Astifan The Sixth Station
  Nan Carder Blue Angels 6339.
  Nan Carder Rafters LSR 8684
  Nan Carder Surfer 4827
  Randy Carr Get Off Me
  Randy Carr Rough and Tumble
  Jodie (Coleen) Clineschmidt Hang on
  Peter Curcio Steamy Scrum
  Kurt DeVoe On Fire
  Gerald H Emmerich JR Over the Edge
  Gerald H Emmerich JR Rip Curl in Air
  Gerald H Emmerich JR Surfer in Green Suit
  Steven Fisher You Go That Way - I Go This Way
  Jimmie Harrison Buddies (1 of 1)
  Joe Hunt Hurdler
  Joe Hunt Push Up
  Andrew Katsampes Concordia_2018(3001)
  Andrew Katsampes Melrose_2018(3620)
  Jeffrey Klug Stadium Truck Flying
  Dee Langevin Farmyard Friends
  Karl Leck Kutztown Runner
  Karl Leck The Interview After Parkland
  Jan Lee Almost to the Top
  Jingru Luo Lot Haizi
  Lynne Mass ALONE
  Robert McCaffrey Nun Decending - Siena
  Robert McCaffrey Selling Hats is Tiring
  Carol Meisenheimer Above the Balance Beam
  David Meisenheimer Behind the Bridge
  David Meisenheimer The Big Tow
  My Phuong Nguyen Missed My Father
  David Osberg Talented Companion
  Susan Peter Protecting an Orphan DSWT Nairobi
  Tom Savage High Kick
  Tom Savage Trying Hard
  Oleg Sokolsky Beach Party
  Oleg Sokolsky Contact!
  Oleg Sokolsky Kids at the Zoo
  Tom Tauber Friendly Chat
  Tom Tauber Has it Come to This
  Tom Tauber Ready for Cockfight
  Michael Tran The Artist
  Sa Kim Tran Memorial Day Parade in Reflection.
  Jantina Tuthill "Starting Young"
  Jantina Tuthill "To the competition"
  Jantina Tuthill "Waiting to launch"
  Inge Vautrin Capturing His Moment
  Inge Vautrin Making Friends
  Gary Walter Kiss The Bride
  Ken Weaver Bearded Engineer
  David Wilkins Ruff Day