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  Entrant Title Country Awards Image
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Milking Baby Malaysia PSA Gold (Best in Show)
  Shih Huang Chu Crying Malaysia PSA Silver (Best Human Interest)
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Surprise Austria PSA Bronze (Best Storytelling)
  Randy Carr Lead with the Right United States PSA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Gold
  Xiao Gu In a Surgery United States DPS Gold
  Viki Gaul What-was-i-thinking-5414 Canada DPS Silver
  Mak Han Meng Untitled-11ChineseOpera Malaysia DPS Silver
  Francis Kennedy Nasty Fall.3 Australia DPS Silver
  Heather Orkis Vandyke Heath fire 11/2/17 Delaware United States DPS Silver
  Kai Lon Tang Passing Chance 3 Macao DPS Silver
  Soon Seng Leong Painting 872 Malaysia DPS Bronze (Judges' Choice)
  Sau Fong Neo Appreciation Malaysia DPS Bronze (Judges' Choice)
  Inge Vautrin A Concerning Letter United States DPS Bronze (Judges' Choice)
  Robert McCaffrey Bolivian Laundress United States DPS Member Medal
  Jodie (Coleen) Clineschmidt Brush Jump United States Ribbon
  Kurt DeVoe Barrel Racer United States Ribbon
  Kurt DeVoe Turning the Double United States Ribbon
  Rae Dominick Horse Whisperer United States Ribbon
  Gerald H Emmerich JR Blue Trunks Wipeout United States Ribbon
  Clinton Fitch Disbelief United States Ribbon
  Keith Gillett Goal Celebration United States Ribbon
  Phillip Kwan Wheelchair Rugby 12 Canada Ribbon
  Sau Fong Neo Fulfil Malaysia Ribbon
  Yanping Qiu Strive For Greatness BW Hong Kong Ribbon
  Tom Savage Performing on the Balance Beam United States Ribbon
  James D. Smith Cowgirl Buddies_4511 United States Ribbon
  Joseph Tam Bewildered Australia Ribbon
  Joseph Tam Life Savers Australia Ribbon
  Chan Seng Tang Boxing 33 Macao Ribbon
  Chan Seng Tang Tackle 3 Macao Ribbon
  Kai Lon Tang Break Through 8 Macao Ribbon
  Giap Chiu Teo Litter Guang Han Singapore Ribbon
  Xiaomei Xu Attention China Ribbon
Accepted entries
  Entrant Title Image
  Francis Kennedy Andrea Petkovic
  Joseph Tam Persistence
  Wai Man Tsim Drinking Women
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Duck-march
  Roman Doblander Antonia
  Roman Doblander Beat
  Roman Doblander Julia
  Wolfgang Habringer 2 Sidecar 21
  Albert Peer Tears
  Livinus Bleyen Russian Musher
  Livinus Bleyen Solid Speedway
  Wei Fu Cruel Ritual
  Wei Fu Weep for King
  Viki Gaul Two-man-cart--racing-5238
  Miranda Siu HERDSMAN
  Kam Chiu Tam Ropping the Steer
  Kam Chiu Tam Walton Accident
  Jiajun Chai Bangladesh13
  Jiajun Chai Bangladesh25
  Lanfeng Chen Celebration C
  Xinxin Chen Grabing Sheep Race8
  Haiyan Huang A Happy Childhood7
  Haiyan Huang Mother and Daughter2
  Yan Luo Bangladesh 49
  Yan Luo Xinjiang Tajiks 29
  Yi Wan Girl Chasing Game 5
  Yi Wan Marry 15
  Yuanfei You Harmony
  Brian Davis Fantasia Morocco
  Wolfgang Kaeding Biker No 3 in Front
  Wolfgang Kaeding Gekonnter Absprung
  Chun Yip Chau On Fire
  Wolfgang Lin How Much Do You Want
  Istvan Kerekes 2000M Obstacle
  Pranab Ghosh Daily Passenger
  Pranab Ghosh Feeding the Camels
  Pranab Ghosh Feeding the Elephant
  Debarshi Mukherjee Destructive Downpour
  Debarshi Mukherjee The Eye of Faith
  Jansen Halim Chasing
  Fendy P.C. Yeoh Working Hard
  Genadi Brodsky The Chess Queen.
  Walter Gaberthuel Two Worlds
  Chan Seng Tang Kid Defend 8
  Kai Lon Tang Break Through 7
  Kai Lon Tang Intense Rugby Game 2
  Siew Thong Chu Feeding
  Siew Thong Chu Life Partner
  HOOI LIAN KOH Carbon Fire
  Wee Huei Koh Fishing Village
  Hon Foo Lai Cock Fighting
  Hon Foo Lai Iban Old Men
  Sau Fong Neo Blessing Baby
  Stephen Wong Tze Kim Are You Ready
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Guardian
  Helen Cook Scoring the winning try
  Elizabeth Passuello Containing the Blaze
  Elizabeth Passuello Dramatic Crossing
  Joao Taborda The Portugese Women
  Alexey Suloev Racing on the Reindeer-yamal
  Mikael Bengtsson Bullfight NR Two
  Mitch Adolph Rodeo: Thrown Off the Bull
  Jerry am Ende Corner Ball
  Nan Carder Surfer 5114
  Nan Carder Tmra 7155
  Dianne Carnegie Freedom Hills
  Randy Carr Hardcore Fighters
  Walter R. Centeno Triple Riders
  Kurt DeVoe Into the Sideline
  Kurt DeVoe Over the Top
  Gerald H Emmerich JR Concentration on the Wave
  Gerald H Emmerich JR One Leg Up
  Steven Fisher Criminal Corralled
  Helen Gerstein Looking for Treasure
  Helen Gerstein Private Conversation
  Marvin Gerstein Twist and Turn
  Keith Gillett Grace and Beauty
  Xiao Gu Rugged Book Unrugged Dreams
  G. Margaret Hennes Keeper Feeding Orphan Elephant
  Larry Hinson USAF Thunderbirds No 6
  Joe Hunt Score
  Joe Hunt Steer Wrestler
  Andrew Katsampes Guzan_2017(3903)
  Andrew Katsampes MacKensie_2017(6611)
  Andrew Katsampes Melrose_2017(2781)
  Joseph Kubala Flying Turn
  Barbara Kuebler Grand Prix Jumper
  Dee Langevin Bubble Blowing Contest
  John F. Larson, JR. B & W Bites the Dust
  Dan Laughman American
  Karl Leck Gem Twist at Pan Am
  Karl Leck Navy Breaks Away
  Karl Leck USA Mudders
  M Rosalie Mahoney Bronco Rider 2
  M Rosalie Mahoney Bull Rider 2
  M Rosalie Mahoney Final Kick
  M Rosalie Mahoney In a Bad Position
  John McAuley Competitive Tennis at the Net
  John McAuley Determination to Win
  My Phuong Nguyen Sad Sky
  Alexandra Oathout Oathout Pod Coming at You
  Alexandra Oathout Oathout Posing for the Photogtapher
  Thomas Oathout Not on My Back
  David Osberg So Far So Good 2
  Susan Peter Here I Am
  Susan Peter Nomads
  Alexander Rasputnis Hot Job
  Tom Savage High in the Air on a Bull
  Tom Savage Sitting on the Floor for Breakfast
  Samuel G Shaw Abandon House on Fire
  Don Shenk Assisting Accident Victim
  Don Shenk Sheep - 1, Rider - 0
  Don Shenk Working Fire #4
  James D. Smith Not Today Sunshine_5478
  Tom Tauber Buying Potatoes in Tarabuca
  Michael Tran Smiley Dog
  Sa Kim Tran Buddha Lession under a Tree Shadow
  Inge Vautrin Discman Repair
  Cindy Wilson-Risko Splash Spree
  Dao Tien Dat STEAMED SQUIDS No 2