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  Entrant Title Country Awards Image
  Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Final Shot Spain PSA: Gold medal (Best in Show)
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Earthquake Disaster Malaysia PSA: Silver medal (Best Human Interest)
  Avishek Das Kolkata Flyover Mishap India PSA Bronze (Best Storytelling)
  Roman Doblander Clara Austria PSA: Mid-Atlantic Chapter Gold
  Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Hit in the Face Spain DPS Gold
  Gerhard Boehm Sprint 2016 Germany DPS Silver
  Kurt DeVoe By the Shorts United States DPS Silver
  Kai Lon Tang Decisive Touchdown 5 Macao DPS Silver
  Kai Lon Tang Painful Fall 5 Macao DPS Silver
  Inge Vautrin Holding on United States DPS Silver
  Sau Fong Neo Thank You Malaysia DPS Bronze (Judge's Choice)
  Yi Wan Diaoyang Race 2 China DPS Bronze (Judge's Choice)
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Jump over Malaysia DPS Bronze (Judge's Choice)
  Susan Peter Butt Shot United States DPS Member Medal
  Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Boxing Inside Spain Ribbon
  Sergey Anisimov Race 8 Russian Federation Ribbon
  Livinus Bleyen España VS France Belgium Ribbon
  Livinus Bleyen Dutch Musher Belgium Ribbon
  Randy Carr Punch for Punch United States Ribbon
  Jodie (Coleen) Clineschmidt Eventing 1 United States Ribbon
  Avishek Das Traggic of Life India Ribbon
  Kurt DeVoe Focused United States Ribbon
  Roman Doblander Siolek Austria Ribbon
  Brian Grant Arcadia Saddle Bronc 60 United States Ribbon
  Roger Jourdain FMX Chris Brock No3 France Ribbon
  Roger Jourdain Indonesian Cow Racing France Ribbon
  Albert Peer Marius Austria Ribbon
  Kai Lon Tang Heavy Tackle 3 Macao Ribbon
  Chan Seng Tang Exciting Rugby Game Macao Ribbon
  Graeme Watson Eyes Wide Shut Australia Ribbon
Accepted entries
  Entrant Title Image
  Jennifer Fawkes Dinner Time
  Jennifer Fawkes Stuck on Big Red
  Francis Kennedy Lady Showjumping 2
  Francis Kennedy Orica Team
  Joseph Tam Burning
  Joseph Tam Red Devil
  Graeme Watson Rugby League 7
  Graeme Watson Rugby Union 2
  Graeme Watson Steer Wrestling 1
  Alois Bernkopf DR. American Football 1
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Gojko 2
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Wrestling 5
  Albert Peer Fear
  Albert Peer Kiteboarding
  Albert Peer The Kiss
  Livinus Bleyen Nd WW Cemetery Lommel
  Viki Gaul Before-Touchdown-3245
  Viki Gaul Up-And-Over-2213
  Phillip Kwan Bull Kicking Rider
  Phillip Kwan Wheelchair Racer 5
  Gerhard Hüdepohl Curious King Penguins Looking at Curious Photographers
  Yongan Gan Armless Artist
  Yi Wan Whisper
  Jianjun Wang Before the Rain
  Barbara Jenkin Endurance
  Roger Jourdain Corrida No03
  Guy B. Samoyault Backhand
  Guy B. Samoyault Long Jump 162
  Gerhard Boehm Long Jump 2016
  Gerhard Boehm Three Girls
  Wolfgang Kaeding Crash with Biker 80
  Wolfgang Kaeding Mudracer 2 in Front
  Wolfgang Kaeding Quickly Out
  Karl Markloff Marathon-Quartett
  Wolfgang Schweden No 15 is in Front
  Wolfgang Schweden Off Ground
  Chun Yip Chau Foot Writing
  Yee Man Cheng Dragon Boat Racing with Firecracker
  Lewis K. Y. Choi Gear Up
  Ngai Leung Ip Bike Accident
  Ngai Leung Ip Cast
  Ngai Leung Ip Head Off 3
  Wing Chung Kenneth Leung Chasing BW
  Subrata Bysack Supportive Life
  Walter Gaberthuel Kiss
  Chan Seng Tang Let Me Go 9
  Chan Seng Tang Pass the Ball 9
  Chan Seng Tang Rugby Pass 2
  Kai Lon Tang Opera Backstage 2
  Chee Yong Brandon Lim Pineapple Farmers
  Chee Yong Brandon Lim Under the Bridge
  Siew Thong Chu Be Positive
  HOOI LIAN KOH Sparks 1!
  Wee Huei Koh Run Down
  Wee Huei Koh Soy Sauce Worker
  Sau Fong Neo My Beloved Grandma
  Sau Fong Neo Wonderful Funfair
  Yin Tzy Siam Chinese Drum Performance - 1
  Chea Chai Tan Dumbo Sen Section 1
  Chea Chai Tan Dumbo Sen Section 2
  Stephen Wong Tze Kim Fire Extinguishing 22
  Stephen Wong Tze Kim I Want Fly
  Edwin Ong Wee Kee Await
  Edwin Ong Wee Kee I'm Hungry
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Mursi Baby
  Elizabeth Passuello Airborne
  Roald Synnevaag Pigeonman II
  Joao Taborda Inseparable Friends
  Lai Leng Lam Cigarette for You Co040
  Lai Leng Lam Sepak Takraw Co047
  Giap Chiu Teo Kick the Watermelon
  Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Right on the Face
  Albert Busquets Plaja Dance Festival
  Urs Albrecht Art1
  Mitch Adolph Rodeo Bull Chase
  Mitch Adolph Walking the Dogs
  Mitch Adolph Watermelon Harvest
  Gary Altoonian Perfect!
  Ralph J Baron Sky Devils
  Tony Basilio 175
  Nan Carder La Co Air Show 2527
  Randy Carr Coach
  Randy Carr Girls in the Ring
  Jodie (Coleen) Clineschmidt Eventing 2
  Kurt DeVoe Leader of the Pack
  Kurt DeVoe Tough Catch
  Helen Gerstein Packing Up
  Marvin Gerstein Potter
  Keith Gillett Here Comes the Shot
  Keith Gillett Into the Stands
  Keith Gillett No Rebound
  Karl Hokanson Superbike 71 548 in Rain
  Joe Hunt Airborne
  Joe Hunt Where's My Hat
  Robert Hunt Camel Traders
  Norman Johnson Acrobat Fielder
  Andrew Katsampes Fan 2015(0924B)
  Andrew Katsampes Stmarys Powderpuff(2606)
  Andrew Katsampes Watertown Powderpuff 2008(2934)
  Erik Kissa Chasing the Ball
  Jeffrey Klug Sidecar 76
  Jeffrey Klug Three Into Corner Five
  Joseph Kubala Hurdling the Goalkeeper
  Joseph Kubala Wide Right
  Robert Lahti Brief Ride
  Robert Lahti Bulldogger and Hazer
  Robert Lahti The Final Cut
  Robert Lahti Uphill Sprint
  Dee Langevin Haircut Blues
  John F. Larson, JR. Making a Foul
  Karl Leck Rick over the Edge
  Karl Leck Yung Athlete
  Cynthia Lee Just Hanging
  Mary Liddle Saw-Whet Owl Banding Project
  Kah-Wai Lin Half Marathon 2
  Kah-Wai Lin Half Marathon 4
  Jon Massey Intensity
  J.D. McClung Bad Ending
  J.D. McClung High School Saddle Bronc Rider
  J.D. McClung Saddle Bronc Muddy Day
  Elena FPSA McTighe Calf Wrestling
  Elena FPSA McTighe Green Boy in the Lead
  Gail Meredith Wipe Out
  David Osberg Deep Trouble
  Susan Peter Cat Nap
  Susan Peter Honeymoon Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia
  Mickie Rosen The Look
  Mickie Rosen You Did It
  Don Shenk Accident with Multiple Entrapments
  James D. Smith Bombshell Pack 5323
  James D. Smith Hang on Tight 4395
  Oleg Sokolsky Being Brave is Scary
  William Still Lone Firefighter 0163
  Tom Tauber St Efizio 1
  Michael Tran Back Fire
  Inge Vautrin Behind the Lines
  Inge Vautrin Katrinas Pain