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  Entrant Title Country Awards Image
  Joao Taborda Flying in Color Portugal PSA: Gold medal (Best in Show)
  Chea Chai Tan Burning Charcoal 1 Malaysia PSA: Silver medal
  Viki Gaul Buttons and Pins Macro Canada PSA: Bronze medal (Best Creative)
  Susan Liddle Open Wide United States SJCC Gold (Best Nature)
  Joseph Tam Rambo Australia PSA: Mid-Atlantic Chapter Gold
  Xinxin Chen Reed Dance5 China DPS Gold
  Nan Carder Yosemite Tunnel View 6206 United States DPS Silver
  Chun Yip Chau In the Net Hong Kong DPS Silver
  Wing Chung Kenneth Leung Surge Forward Hong Kong DPS Silver
  Joseph Tam Adorable Australia DPS Silver
  Chan Seng Tang Kingfisher Fighting 2 Macao DPS Silver
  Huu Hung Truong Truonghuuhung-Jpg- Look Vietnam DPS Silver
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Little Monks at Dusk Malaysia DPS Silver
  Fendy P.C. Yeoh Beauty in the Crowd Indonesia DPS Silver
  Elizabeth Passuello The Dance New Zealand DPS Bronze (Judge's Choice)
  Bennett Tyson Civil War Scene United States DPS Bronze (Judge's Choice)
  Hanju Zhu Dream of Desire China DPS Bronze (Judge's Choice)
  Susan Peter Katmai Grizzly with Cub United States DPS Member Medal
  Philip Dutch Bagley Pumpkin Mail United States Ribbon
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Ceremony Austria Ribbon
  Mark Boyd Fog on the Valley Farm United States Ribbon
  Kimberly Brock Orange Roses in Vase United States Ribbon
  Bob Devine Great Grey Owl Hunting in Snow England Ribbon
  Beth Dhunjisha Ant Highway United States Ribbon
  Jim Dixon Walking the Brooklyn Bridge United States Ribbon
  Yongan Gan Have Bumper Harvest China Ribbon
  Yongan Gan Life Partner China Ribbon
  Warren Hatch Gazania Glory United States Ribbon
  Alexander Hochhaus Cinderella Germany Ribbon
  Gerhard Hüdepohl Three Curious Vicunyas Looking at the Photographer Chile Ribbon
  Gerhard Hüdepohl Portrait of a Fluffy Wandering Albatross Chick, South Georgia Island Chile Ribbon
  Roger Jourdain Drummer Lilou No1 France Ribbon
  Roger Jourdain Indonesian Driver France Ribbon
  Irene Kramer Startled - Red-Tailed Hawk United States Ribbon
  Soon Seng Leong Happy Meal Malaysia Ribbon
  Wing Chung Kenneth Leung Autumn Colour Hong Kong Ribbon
  Susan Liddle Heron Stabbing Fish United States Ribbon
  Kah-Wai Lin Ice Beach 3 United States Ribbon
  Edward Liu Spring in Wheat Field Canada Ribbon
  Siva .N. Sivaruban Future Behind the Barwire Jaffna,sri Lanka United States Ribbon
  William Still Windblown 4-001 United States Ribbon
  Alexey Suloev Two in the Universe Russian Federation Ribbon
  Kam Chiu Tam Welland Race Canada Ribbon
  Tom Tauber Diwali in Amritsar United States Ribbon
  Dao Tien Dat A Place Left to Return Vietnam Ribbon
  Sa Kim Tran Wild Flowers United States Ribbon
  Elina Veyberman Tree United States Ribbon
  David Wilkins Mono Lake at Night United States Ribbon
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Rushing Home Malaysia Ribbon
  Fendy P.C. Yeoh Looking Behind the Fence Indonesia Ribbon
  Alan Young Memories of Martha England Ribbon
  Alan Young The Lady Waits England Ribbon
Accepted entries
  Entrant Title Image
  Jennifer Fawkes Face in the Stairs
  Jennifer Fawkes The Skier
  Jenni Horsnell Bee-Eater with Dragonfly 9
  Jenni Horsnell Dewy Damselfly 31
  Jenni Horsnell Feeding Chick
  Jenni Horsnell Jenny Wren with Moth 10
  Wan Yu Huang Crazy Bull 1
  Wan Yu Huang Crazy Bull 2
  Wan Yu Huang Lady Surfing
  Wan Yu Huang Morning Worker
  Ray Papulis Honkeytonk Player
  Joseph Tam Fishing
  Joseph Tam Have No Fear
  Wai Man Tsim Autumn Color
  Wai Man Tsim Two Girls
  Graeme Watson Fury
  Hung Kam Yuen The Race is on
  Alois Bernkopf DR. Ariane 1
  Roman Doblander Turngemeinschaft
  Wolfgang Habringer Street Performer 91
  Albert Peer American Eagle
  Albert Peer Gondolas
  Hok Kwan Danny Chan Happy Hour
  Wei Fu Morning Mist
  Wei Fu Muddy Cow Race
  Viki Gaul Egret and Long Twig
  Viki Gaul Egret-in-Action-3289
  Miranda Siu Glittering Brocades
  Miranda Siu Golden Field
  Miranda Siu Light Rays Shining Through Clouds
  Miranda Siu Zigzagreen
  Kam Chiu Tam The Exhausted Dogs
  Kam Chiu Tam The Terrified Calf
  Kitty Yeung Blue Mist
  Gerhard Hüdepohl Tiger Leg Monkey Tree Frog (Phyllomedusa Tomopterna), Tambopata Reserve Peru
  Xinxin Chen Best Friends
  Li Fang Grabing Sheep3
  Yongan Gan Pennsylvania Pegasus
  Zhigang Mo Horse Gallop
  Hang Su Kitchen from Smoke
  Hang Su Woman Huiaan Chins
  Yi Wan Sunset Scenery 2
  Jianjun Wang The Village on the Bridge
  Xiaomei Xu Dating with the Earth
  Xiaomei Xu Three Jews
  Hanju Zhu Enchanted Dream
  Peter Clark Evening Light Godafoss
  Peter Clark Inside the Glacier
  Bob Devine Cheetah Cub Helps
  Bob Devine Lion Cub Attacks
  Barbara Jenkin Drews Midnight Dance
  Malcolm Jenkin Dancer 3
  Malcolm Jenkin Ghosts of the Ballet
  Will Stead Herring Gull Chicks
  Alan Young Final Touches (2)
  Jussi Helimaki Early Misty Morning 2
  Jussi Helimaki Mayfly in August Morning 2
  Jussi Helimaki Morning in the Pine Forest
  Roger Jourdain Faty
  Roger Jourdain Masais in Sunset
  Guy B. Samoyault Montains Reflects
  Guy B. Samoyault Tenzin
  Gerhard Boehm Duo 3
  Ralf Hanisch Lilly, Break
  Wolfgang Schweden Dorka Portrait 3 C
  Chun Yip Chau Under the Big Tree
  Man Yu, Alex Fung Golden Leader
  Man Yu, Alex Fung Relax 3
  Wing Chung Kenneth Leung Autumn Scenic
  Wing Chung Kenneth Leung Horses Splash
  Wolfgang Lin Bridge on Sea
  Wolfgang Lin Laser Show
  Shiu Gun Wong Sailing Through
  Koon Yiu, Albert Wu Dripping
  Koon Yiu, Albert Wu Fishing
  Koon Yiu, Albert Wu Monkey
  Alakesh Ghosh A Jounry
  Alakesh Ghosh Engender
  Abhishek Nandy Target
  Kristanto Lie Boys and Roosters
  Kristanto Lie Fighting
  Kristanto Lie Flying High
  Fendy P.C. Yeoh Jumping Attack
  Walter Gaberthuel Herbststimmung
  Walter Gaberthuel Single Tree
  Alexandrino Lei Airosa Exultation Moment
  Alexandrino Lei Airosa Glory on the Ring
  Sherman Cheang Raining
  Sherman Cheang Winter Harvest
  Chan Seng Tang Anger Birds 4
  Chan Seng Tang Happy Chinese New Year
  Kai Lon Tang Crow Angel
  Kai Lon Tang Dynamic Cantonese Opera 3
  Kai Lon Tang Marionette
  Chee Yong Brandon Lim Chinese Opera
  Chee Yong Brandon Lim Giant Incense
  Chee Yong Brandon Lim Sunbird Feeding
  Chee Yong Brandon Lim Walking on Fire
  Shih Huang Chu Childhood Memory
  Shih Huang Chu Intoxicated Art
  Shih Huang Chu Mother Feeding
  Shih Huang Chu Sunset Industry
  Siew Thong Chu Time Has Passed
  HOOI LIAN KOH Delicious Food
  HOOI LIAN KOH Frustration-1
  HOOI LIAN KOH Mating 1
  Wee Huei Koh Fighting
  Wee Huei Koh Hungry
  Wee Huei Koh Profuse Food
  Wee Huei Koh The Spark of Life
  Yeok Kian Koh Robberfly with Prey 31
  Yeok Kian Koh Robberfly with Prey 39
  Yeok Kian Koh Robberfly with Prey 98
  Hon Foo Lai Robber Fly 3
  Hon Foo Lai Robber Fly 6
  Soon Seng Leong Fighting for Food
  Sau Fong Neo Ceramic Lady Artist
  Sau Fong Neo Fly Mating
  Sau Fong Neo My Lunch
  Chea Chai Tan Burning Charcoal 2
  Chea Chai Tan Jump Food
  Chea Chai Tan Mandrill
  Stephen Wong Tze Kim Harvest
  Edwin Ong Wee Kee Family Photo
  Edwin Ong Wee Kee Jump over
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Pots
  Danny Yen Sin Wong Walk Along Pavilion
  Elizabeth Passuello Windswept
  Amin Shaikh My Car
  Joao Taborda Friends Will Be Friends
  Razvan Baleanu Winter Realm 15
  Sergey Anisimov Catch Reindeer 4
  Sergey Anisimov Ice and Sunset 4
  Sergey Anisimov Love, As at People..
  Sergey Anisimov Stubborn Reindeer
  Alexey Suloev Autumn Sun Temple
  Alexey Suloev Somewhere on Mars
  Alexey Suloev Toroweap
  Zee Kek HENG Sailing Boat at Beach
  Yong Liang Kuek MBS by Night
  Lai Leng Lam Honghe Paddy Terrace Co025
  Lai Leng Lam Honghe Paddy Terrace Co026
  Lai Leng Lam Shaolin Warrior Monks Co016
  Richard Swee Huat Quek Formation-2
  Joseph K.S. Tan Waiting
  Lip Seng Tan Opps! the Birds are All over
  Albert Busquets Plaja Astor
  Albert Busquets Plaja Hoopoe
  Albert Busquets Plaja Zorro
  Mikael Bengtsson-Lestander Music to Go
  Mikhail Bondar Attachment to the Sea-2
  Mikhail Bondar Races Behind Wind-15
  Abbas Kapadia Camel at Dusk
  Abbas Kapadia Grand Canyon 3
  Dennis Abriola A Good Catch
  Dennis Abriola Baby, It's Cold Out Here
  Dennis Abriola I'm Going in
  Jerry am Ende Great Egret Fight
  Jerry am Ende Rorschach Test
  Jerry am Ende There is Hope
  Philip Dutch Bagley Floating Steps
  Colley Boyd Hidden Fold
  Mark Boyd Sunflower Sunset
  Kimberly Brock Rose in the Clouds
  Judith Brown Smokies Sunrise
  Nan Carder Blue Angels 1737
  Nan Carder Bodie 7871
  Nan Carder Flamingo 9182
  Dianne Carnegie Kayaks No. 2
  Randy Carr Black on White
  Randy Carr Bombshell
  Jodie (Coleen) Clineschmidt You Looking' at Me
  Richard Cloran Claiming the Kill
  Richard Cloran Three Kittens
  Susan Cowles Ashley Anne Ravishing in Teal
  Susan Cowles Dried Chilies and Powder
  Susan Cowles Nat Wears Her Blues
  Sandhitsu Das Many Glacier Rainbow
  Gabriele Dellanave Acrobatic Surfing
  Gabriele Dellanave Dripping Paint
  Gabriele Dellanave Sunset on Lake Waterton
  Beth Dhunjisha Casting House
  Jim Dixon Manhattan View
  Rae Dominick Moonstruck
  Rae Dominick The Mennonite
  Arlene Renee Finston Vashti I
  Marjorie Forrest Peacock
  Joshua Galicki "Green on Black" (Green Heron)
  Joshua Galicki "Jean-Claude Who?" (Common Yellowthroat)
  Marvin Gerstein Mr Wizard
  Marvin Gerstein She's a Puzzle
  Jessica Giannone Smoky Mountains Sunrise
  Warren Hatch Fanned Out
  Warren Hatch Flying Fish
  G. Margaret Hennes Bee on Coneflower
  Larry Hinson Portland Head Light No 2
  Larry Hinson Stars and Stripes and H2o
  Dennis Hirning Spiral
  Joe Hunt Bringing Home the Bacon LR
  Robert Hunt Gondolas at Dawn
  Dena Janson Mitten Tops in Clouds
  William Jordan Lower Falls
  William Jordan Oxbow Bend
  Erik Kissa Beard
  Erik Kissa Church Street
  Erik Kissa Lily on Leaf
  Erik Kissa Little Boy
  Jeffrey Klug Ferrari Headlight
  Jeffrey Klug Storm at New Smryna Beach
  Irene Kramer Great Horned Owl in Window
  George Kurzik Tower
  Dee Langevin Aurora Bands
  Dee Langevin Kirkjufell Waterfalls
  Dan Laughman The Duck and the Drop
  Jan Lee Our Symbol
  Ken Lee Drama Life
  Ken Lee Fall
  Ken Lee Nubble Lighthouse
  Wally Lee 34 Front End
  Karen Leonard Johnnies Homer Win
  Karen Leonard Racerscollide
  William Lewis Morning Ride
  William Lewis Palouse from Steptoe Butte
  William Lewis Rain Squall at Sunrise
  Mary Liddle Lookout Foxes
  Susan Liddle Heron Challenge
  Kah-Wai Lin Aurora at Stetind 5
  Kah-Wai Lin Bergsbotn
  Kah-Wai Lin Sunset at Blue Mesa
  Cindy Lynch Mic
  Cindy Lynch Pocket Watch Parts
  Cindy Lynch Ruby
  Larry A. Lyons Anhighuas Courting
  Larry A. Lyons Arowana Surrounded by Turtles
  Lynn Troy Maniscalco Three Getting Water
  Lesley Mattuchio Little Cowgirl
  Lesley Mattuchio Reddish Egret
  Cyril Mazansky A Holy Man of Varanasi
  Bob McCaffrey My Fish
  Bob McCaffrey Smokies Sunrise
  Elena FPSA McTighe Monkey with Parted Lips
  David Meisenheimer An Egret Delivery
  Marlene Mendez Lunch Break
  My Phuong Nguyen Hummingbird-Long Tail
  David Osberg Pre-Dawn Roundup
  David Osberg Sandy
  David Osberg The Wink 2
  Kristina Oswald Iced Berries 1050
  Susan Peter Blue Footed Booby with Chicks
  Michele Peterson Extreme Flight No. 4
  Robert Pizzano Bronc Rider
  Robert Pizzano Kaleidoscope Drop
  Robert Pizzano Motocross Turn
  Bonnie Rovere Empty Sky Memorial
  Bonnie Rovere Sunset Beach
  Trudy Runyan Harvest Still Life
  Trudy Runyan Thoughts of Long Ago
  Denise Saldana Barred Owl in Texas
  Steve Sattler On the High Line
  James D. Smith Owl in a Bottle 0013
  Marcy Starnes Picking My Teeth 01
  John Stritzinger Earth Mirror
  Sharp Todd Bryce Morning 9-16 1
  Sharp Todd Grand Canyon Late Sun 1
  Michael Tran Advocets
  Michael Tran Bald Eagle with Big Catch
  Michael Tran Chasing the Light
  Tuan Tran Soap Bubble Girl
  Jim Turner Button Bush Blossom
  Jim Turner Rose Spiral
  Jim Turner Tulips on Black
  Jantina Tuthill "Stay Away"
  Jantina Tuthill Brotherly Love
  Les Tyler High and Dry
  Juanita Uribe Snowy Egret 10
  Inge Vautrin A Fly Up Close
  Inge Vautrin Sunsets Last Light
  Elina Veyberman Kiss
  Kathleen Wolleat Father Son Fist Pump
  Kathleen Wolleat Frozen Bubble
  Kathleen Wolleat I Found the Light
  Dao Tien Dat Look at Life or Himself
  Dao Tien Dat Memory
  Dao Tien Dat The Heaven
  Huu Hung Truong Truonghuuhung-Jpg- Game on Sand
  Huu Hung Truong Truonghuuhung-Jpg- Life on the River
  Huu Hung Truong Truonghuuhung-Jpg- to the Market
  Peter Morgan Dusty Old Tome
  Terry Williams 'you What?'