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The 2016 Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (PSA2016-022) will be accepting entries starting October 5, 2015.


The volunteers of the Wilmington International and the Delaware Photographic Society which sponsors WIEP are proud to continue to process and exhibit prints, both large and small, in five different sections. Many exhibitions around the world do not want to go through the trouble anymore and have stopped accepting prints.


Nevertheless, this year we are making several changes in the print sections:


1. Prints will no longer be returned.

2. We are requesting print entrants to donate their prints for sale at our salon exhibition. The proceeds will help pay for new mats and frames for the exhibition, where we will display about 300 prints. If you are willing to donate your prints for this cause, please click the print donation check box during the entry process.

3. We will no longer permit mats, although prints from North America can be mounted. Mats often make print handling more complicated and can give individual prints an unfair advantage.


We are continuing free youth entry for all sections.


Best of luck with your entries!


Tom Tauber, EPSA


Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography



Entrants age 18 years old and under - NO ENTRY FEES!!!
See Conditions of Entry for details.



Conditions of Entry


Information, competition rules, judges, fees, and more can be found in the Conditions of Entry.


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